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Senior Business Analyst/Consultant

September 27, 2019, Karthik was a client of Swati’s


Swati coached me for few weeks. She quickly picked up my leanings and motivations, provided strategies to help me get where I aspire to be in my career. She continues to follow up on my progress and provides further guidance. I would strongly recommend her as a coach.

Facilitator | Business Development | Business Improvement | Agile | Health/ Life Sciences/ IT

September 10, 2019, Sandra was a client of Swati’s


Swati has coached me for the last few weeks. She listened and asked excellent, sometimes uncomfortable questions. I straight away felt a connection to her. Swati quickly understood me and guided me on how to improve my strategies and branding. She has left me with plenty of plans to get me to where I want to be in my career. I highly recommend Swati as a coach and am looking forward to crossing paths with her again.

Program PCO in one of the most reputed bank in Canada. Responsible for overall governance for General Ledger Renewal Program

April 8, 2017, Swati was senior to Darshan but didn’t manage directly


I had the pleasure of working with Swati on several occasions during my tenure in Goldman Sachs. She's very logical , analytical, creative, passionate about her work and this surely reflects in the quality of her deliverables. I worked with Swati very closely on some of the global initiatives within Change Delivery and Project Management. She is great at managing stakeholder expectations and going extra mile to meet project deadlines. She is a calculated risk taker and has great project planning skills. It has been absolute pleasure working with her and I've always looked upto her for guidance and mentoring. 

NGO Management

February 7, 2017, Melissa was a client of Swati’s


I hired Swati as a career coach after she was recommended to me by Noomii, the online network of independent coaches. I chose Swati from quite a few recommendations because she didn't pretend to know everything about my line of work and her flat heels brand resonated with me. Swati listens to you and is quick to understands your needs. So far we have worked on improving my interviewing skills which in turn has given my confidence a much needed boost. I have no doubt that I will get my career back on track with Swati as my coach and she comes with my heartfelt recommendation. 

Lead Facilitator, Master Certified Coach (MCC); Country Head- Erickson Coaching International; Director- TLC India

December 11, 2016, Swati worked with Gaurav Arora, MCC in the same group


Swati is one of those coaches I have mentored who work at a much deeper level than expected. She, through her thought provoking questions, is able to create meaningful conversation that helps the coachee create profound awareness of their goals, motives, drivers and dreams. She is able to help them navigate through the mesh of challenges, beliefs, confusions and roadblocks to create smart goals. Her strengths as a coach are strong rapport building, deeper level conversations, goals and outcome based solution focused plan. She enables her clients to create personal success. She creates an instant mindset shift through her coaching conversation and proves to be a catalyst in the required change process. She's also an expert in branding and helped us create a solid social media strategy for the chapter's connect marketing. I recommend Swati as a success coach (the one who helps you create personal success), a branding expert and a change agent.

Technical Advisor- Office365 at Microsoft

December 11, 2016, Swati worked with Kavita in the same group


I know Swati for more than 10 years now. She's an achiever and a passionate individual. She is a multipotentialite with varied interests and skills- but whatever she takes up, she ensures she learns and performs well in that. I have seen her grow exponentially in her career from Technical Expert to a Vice President in just 8 years time! That's remarkable. She is an exceptional project manager with in-depth understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology, she is a born leader and a great coach. She and I have varied conversations around variety of topics and I always find a new direction or food for thought. She started her firm focusing on women in leadership, which is a very inspiring, thoughtful and relevant area of focus given our times.. It takes a lot of courage leaving a very established career to start something new and making it successful. She's courage, thought-leadership, creativity, ambition and success personified for me.


Expertise in People Management, L&D, Content Design, Development, & ID skills".

November 24, 2016, Sarmistha was a client of Swati’s


I have taken up a career coaching session with Swati. She has guided and coached me both professionally & personally. An extraordinary person that I have come across. I would like to rate her 10/10 in the evaluation parameter. I could see myself moving up to the value chain in terms of "mental empowerment" & "personal branding" and the due credit goes to Swati for strengthening my strengths as well as when & how I need to make/create a positive difference for the benefit of the organization as well as for my own development. She goes beyond her horizon during the interaction. Any woman leader must take up the coaching session with her if they are career oriented. I wish her good luck for forming such a group called FLATHEELS that focuses on enhancing the capabilities of woman leadership. I am sure she will reach sky high. Thank you Swati once again!! Keep it up! 

Escalation Services at Microsoft

November 11, 2011, Swati worked with Prasanna Kumar in the same group

“Have known Swati for nearly more than 6 years now. She has always been a great team player. One of her greatest strength is her focus and communication skills. People management has always been her passion. Her ability to take up complex projects and finishing it with ease is her biggest strength

Account Executive - India at Jamf

October 20, 2011, Prakash worked with Swati in different groups


Swati is precise in her communication. She has amazing inter-personal skills. She brings a lot of new ideas to the table. She is a solution provider and objective in the approach with the end result in the mind. I certainly recommend her for leadership position in any company of her core domain expertise.

President and Head Group Human Resource at Anand Automotive

October 20, 2010, Sumit and Swati were students together


I know Swati for last one year since I started my Ex- PGDBM course with IIM-K. I see her has a very intelligent and energetic person who is always willing to participate and contribute in all platform discussions. Her excellent communication skills coupled with a special philosophical touch makes it a true pleasure to interact with her. I wish all the very best for her career ahead

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