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Passionate About "Action"

You've read a little bit about me in another section , so I wouldn't bore you with the usual details. Instead I would like to share what I am passionate about and why. I hope I'm able to inspire you to take action towards your dreams..

Over 16 years in corporate and entrepreneurial  life in diverse industries with their unique nuances, whims and regulations climbing through the spiral ladder intentionally taking lateral steps while preparing to jump up to the next, I have learnt a thing or two...

The revelations, experiences, hypocrisy and ethics have shaped me to become a well rounded thinker giving me an ability to argue  all dimensions and establish my own narrative. My best learnings include:

- you are on your own and this is your journey- you will find mentors, coaches, bosses who will steer you from time to time, but it is you who needs to make the choices best for your career, life and everything encompassing them. 

-mindset transformation- leaders who have the ability to intentionally shift their thinking are more agile, adaptable, resist less and are able to navigate better as their mind works "for" them rather than a "barrier" created by past experiences

- action oriented- their intentions are followed by actions under well architected personal and professional goals- often there is strong alignment of values and success factors.

- inclusion- including others and feeling included are both quite empowering. Great leaders use inclusion to drive peak performance of staff

- innovation - inclusion leads to innovation, faster, better. Redefining or transforming your teams or organisation at large becomes so much easier if everyone played a part, owned a part and success is collectively defined

The times when I have exhibited above, I have been more at peace and in harmony of my truth, pursuits and the context around me. I have resisted less, flown more and achieved more (...than I could ever imagine if I paid attention to the hurdles). I started managing teams pretty early on in my career and one quote that summarizes my experience in team and people management is this- "People will forget what you said/did, they will remember how you made them feel- Maya Angelou". Those experiences taught me that getting the job done is very important but more than that how you got it done and what kind of experiences people you were in interaction with had would define your short term peace and long term success. Managing emotions, disagreement, arguments in a way that makes people valued for their opinions and included for their thinking yet ensuring the decisions/actions are in best interest of all, finding an all encompassing narrative that every single stakeholder can relate to and empathize with go a long way in ensuring you are successful, remembered and referred on for more opportunities. When we care about people, they notice and they tell others. 

Mastering the hard skills was just as important like project management, change management, service delivery management etc.the core and backbone of my roles. I had mentors all the way through for most of the hard skills. Getting mentors and preparing well to utilize their wisdom is one of the best strategies I could ever apply to grow at the pace I did. Making a vice president in a global investment bank at 30 was a pretty full on proud moment of my life. It would have been much harder (and farther probably) without my mentors and coaches..

The second and probably the most powerful tool I've experienced is coaching. I go to mentors for the skills unique to specific roles and its challenges and internal organisational scenarios. I seek coaches for exploring my potential- who am I beyond what I have been? 

More than anything I find that the more I know and accept myself, the more capacity I create to express freely which in turn creates opportunities to be dynamic, versatile, creative and included. I felt excluded a few times creating glass ceilings but then I changed the rooms - that helped me keep going and be successful in an alternate context. Its important to realize what you can and cannot control, define and redefine what success means to you personally, transform your thinking and above all staying positive. For me, If I am able to live my values in the context I operate in, I am successful- so experiencing joy in what I do and people around me, feeling at peace and in harmony between my own truth and my surroundings, and being in a trusted environment that offers me safe space to express myself freely- I am successful in creating a space where I can direct my energy into my goals (vs. wasting it in fixing things)- I have much more clarity and action oriented approach.

Painting and art work add another dimension to my life. Expression of any form is important for flow of energy and thoughts. I find that painting has made me more forgiving, more flexible and smart use of resources available to me to achieve the outcomes I want, and be creative in bringing perspectives that are out of context within it that fuels fresh thinking and whole new vision.

So does speaking. Public speaking empowers me with new ideas, values me in the way that I get to share my experiences and take multiple people on a journey of transformation... 

I  coach project and operational leaders  to be successful in their projects, in one way mentoring on projects and how to be successful in that context but also creating an alignment between personal goals with professional work- its all one person and its all one life- frustrations from one show up in the other- so synergy and alignment are super critical. Especially if you are leading complex projects that are politically charged and involves difficult stakeholders or large $$ at stake- it can be extremely stressful and can challenge you in more ways than imagined.. I feel that having a coach who understands the complexities of the work and being able to use them as sounding board and adviser could make the journey so much easier! and then because you are also aligning your professional and personal goals and actions, you are able to create a powerful narrative for yourself and others that helps you with learning and growth. 













I hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise to make it interesting as I review this :)

All the best!

  • SAFe (Large scale agile) certified

  • Associate Certified Executive Coach

  • Post graduation cert in Business Management

  • Diploma in Electronics and communications engineering

  • Bachelor of Commerce

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