If not now.. when?

when will you start meditating?

when will you start exercising?

when will you start writing?

when will you start being more present?

when will you get over your fear?

when will you start your business?

when will you choose to be successful?

when will you live on purpose?

when will you find your purpose?


All the things we know are good for us but we don't do them- because between knowledge and action lie our excuses and other barriers. Barriers we know and don't know. Subconscious, unconscious, conscious... Visible, invisible. And we say to ourselves

"If only..."

And list the factors outside of our control almost positioning ourselves to be hopeless victims of circumstances..

Is there a problem with this approach?

We forget that our life is a collection of choices we are making every single minute.

This goes in personal life and this goes in professional life.

A leader dependent on his team that is dysfunctional, blames the team

The team blames the leader

Projects fail

Sometimes they succeed

However if we invested time and effort in understanding "real barriers"- the success would be defined appropriately and likely delivered.

And if we did just that with the help of a coach- chances are we'd succeed beyond expectations!

But we know this too, don't we?

What's the barrier here then to translate this knowledge into action? Financial- ROI would be much higher, Skepticism- only one way to kill it (by experiencing the success), Consensus/concerns/what would people say- am I broken? People around you might just thank you for doing this for yourself because you will be better with them.

When we feel our best, we do our best. when we do our best, we do best for others.

Choose to choose

Happy Friday and happy 2020!

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